All this words in my head.
I feel so dizzy.
People talking shit about me 'coz I'm not like them. I wake up and don't wanna stay here anymore. My feelings grow up and show me how bad people can be. Yes, it fucking hurts when they're talking. Believe them I cannot hear that?
I'm a freak, i know it, bitches.
I'm still lonely, yes I am.
Stop it now!

My world is full of hopes and dreams but everyday died a little bit more.

Your Kiaz.

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I wake up and sleep again.
Nothing to live for. No one cares about my day. It's not special, so many people live like me. No one who cares about them. Alone and nobody knows that. Forgotten and no one will change it. That's life baby. I fall, he falls, she falls, they fall, we fall.
The ground is hard but we wake up every fucking morning.

Need one who tells me it will be better. One day we wake up and we change our life. Someone take cares about us. Unforgotten for now and ever.

Your Kiaz.

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